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The Equifax hack: how chatbots finally have an added value to our lives.

For long now, chatbots have been generating weird, non-relevant answers. Of course there are also good examples of how chatbots can improve your life: Aeromexico has implemented a chatbot (and very recently also integrated full Whatsapp support) that works well and have gained worldwide appraisal for its performance. However, in general, chatbots don’t seem to […]

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Connecting blockchain to the facebook chatbot API

Blockchain seems to be the biggest thing since the invention of sliced bread. Expectations are high, and many believe Blockchain has the potential to disrupt entire industries, starting with the financial sector. Tier 1 banks and insurers are investing heavily in the development of Blockchain-based services, not only internally but also with external ‘help’ (i.e.: […]

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Google’s micro-moments and how to make use of them

Micro-moments. A term first coined by Google, which expresses 4 ‘game changing moments that really matter’. They are: For Google and other organizations, these 4 moments are key in the shopping journey. Understanding them and anticipating them, will result in better mobile conversions (up to 29% more) and overall more brand engagement (being ‘more relevant’ for your […]