Be consistent in your experience, but stay true to your brand

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A US Verizon user got 53 hardcopy mails from Verizon, thanking him for choosing eco-friendly, paperless e-billing (!). Not only is this super, super ironic, it’s also very inconsistent from a customer journey-design perspective. Let’s talk a bit about consistency in designing experiences. McKinsey had a very good article back in 2014, about the notion […]

November 28, 2017

Emoticons: Which one is the American and which the Japanese?

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I’ve written in one of my earlier articles on smart cities, that technology should always be used as an enabling, facilitating asset to realize a desired customer journey or experience. As new exponential technologies arise yearly (just take a look at the Gartner hypecycle), it becomes increasingly important to decide which technologies to use, and […]

November 19, 2017